Wednesday, October 31, 2012

$25 cashback for buying a $100 Costco gift card with your American Express card

As part of their Link-Like-Love campaign, American Express is offering $25 cashback for spending $100 at Costco, which includes the purchase of gift cards.  All you have to do is sync your Amex card with Amex's official app on either Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare and "register" (on Facebook, "Like") for the appropriate Costco promotion.  Then spend your $100 at Costco and Amex will issue you a $25 statement credit, usually within a week from your date of purchase.  For more information and the actual step-by-step process, check out dealswelike's post.
You can churn this offer if you have multiple Amex cards, but you'll also need multiple social networking accounts as only one Amex card can be registered per social networking account.  That being said, take full advantage of this offer as Amex is basically giving you $25 for free for every Amex card that you have, and Costco gift cards are arguably the best and most flexible gift card currency on the market.  Of course, your purchases at Costco aren't limited to gift cards, so feel free to buy a new camera or your Thanksgiving dinner there.

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