Monday, February 18, 2013

Maximizing the Tokyo Park Hyatt's "4th Night Free" promo

The Tokyo Park Hyatt is easily the best hotel in Japan, where 5-star hotels abound like Starbucks in the U.S.  But with an average going base rate of $543 for a deluxe room, the luxury hotel is barely affordable for even the savviest business traveler.  Even with their current "4th Night Free" promo, you're still looking at $1,629 for a 4-night stay.  Fortunately, a cheaper unadvertised corporate rate has been unearthed that can fetch you $334 for a deluxe room through the end of May 2013.  And if that's not already cheap enough for Japan's flagship hotel, the special rate is stackable with their 4th Night Free Promo, thus getting you 4 nights for $1,002!!
As always, it's important to look at how to maximize points even with a rate that's affordable for high schoolers on spring break.  Hyatt's current quarterly promo offers 3,000 bonus points for every 3 nights of stay, so you can land an additional 3k points on top of the 5x base points per dollar spent.  In the case of a 4-night stay for $1,002, you're looking at 8,010 points (1,002 x5 + 3,000), which equates to 1 free night at a category 2 hotel.

Since a cat 2 hotel may not seem appealing to the biz traveler, there's a way to further sweeten this deal with the Hyatt Chase credit card, which is renown for their lucrative sign-up bonus of 2 free nights at any Hyatt hotel.  From a points earning perspective, the card dishes out 3 points per dollar spent at Hyatts and grants Platinum status to the holder.  Platinum status includes the usual mid-tier bennies such as 15% points bonus, complimentary Internet, late checkout, etc.  Hyatt's 3k promo also grants an additional 20% bonus points to Hyatt cc holders.  So by booking the $1,002 deal with this cc, you're looking at the follow earnings:
1,002 x5 x1.15 + 3,600 + 1,002 x3 = 12,368 points, which equates to 1 free night at a category 3 hotel such as the Tokyo Hyatt Regency, Taipei Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong Hyatt Regency, etc.
A 4-night stay for $1,002 (+ taxes and service charges) at the best hotel in Japan, plus enough points for a free night at a cat 3 hotel: this is a no-brainer for anyway staying 4+ nights in Tokyo through May 2013.  I stayed at the Tokyo Park Hyatt in September 2011, and it more than lived up to its name:

1.  Huge comfy rooms.  55 square meters for a deluxe room, which is equivalent to a suite at most upscale hotels.
2.  Amazing views of Tokyo and even Mount Fuji on a clear day.  The hotel is located on the 41st-55th floors of one of the tallest buildings in the bustling Shinjuku District.
Don't look down on the wiper man as he's working to clarify your view.  Too bad the weather's not cooperating.
3.  Knowledgeable concierge staff with free cell phone rentals.  Incoming calls in Japan are always free, so use it to receive calls and you won't pay a penny.
Platinum member welcome amenity
4.  Phenomenal customer service from check-in to check-out.  This is what defines the hotel and it's actually what you're paying for.  The employees always address you by your last name and will never allow you to carry your own luggage.  And, more so than any other white-collar worker in Japan's legendary service industry, they actually appreciate your business and value you as a customer.

Even though the 4th Night Free promo runs through December 20th, 2013, the special stackable corporate rate is only good through the end of May 2013 and is only valid on a 4+ night stay.  Book through this channel and ignore the "No special offers" message.  The payment for the 4th night is supposed to be refunded after check-out per the terms and conditions, but I make no such guarantee, so book at your own risk.  As with most special offers, this deal is nonrefundable and payment is due in full at the time of booking, unlike the advertised expensive 4th Night Free promo which is fully refundable.

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