Monday, March 3, 2014

American Express offers free $5 iTunes credit

3/5 UPDATE: It appears that some of the Amex Offers are targeted.  Login to your Amex account to see if you've been targeted for the iTunes promo.

One of the unsung benefits of American Express cards is the Special Offers promos.  These offers are simple to activate and can range from free giveaways to sizable discounts.  Currently, Amex is offering a $5 iTunes credit, which can be used towards the purchase of any iTunes product (music, movies, TV shows, etc.).  To activate the promo, simply login to your Amex account online and click on the "Offers For You" tab, which should be located next to your "Latest Transactions" tab.

Once you've located the offer, click on "Save Offer" and the offer will be applied to your Amex card.  Any iTunes purchase that is applied to your account before the expiration date will qualify, and you'll be credited with $5.  Be sure to use your Amex card when purchasing the iTunes product and not some other card that is linked to your iTunes account.

Another notable current offer is $30 off a $150+ Virgin America flight booking, which expires soon.  Amex offers are constantly being refreshed, so always check your account to see if you've been targeted for any goodies.  Amex offers are just one of the many unsung benefits of Amex cards, which also includes purchase protection and extended warranty, which could easily save you loads of dough whenever you spill coffee on your newly-purchased dress shirt or when your laptop dies after your warranty expires.


  1. i think these offers are targeted...i don't have the itunes or the virgin ones on my offers page

    1. I was unaware of that, but I went ahead and made a note of it. Were you targeted for any good Amex offers?