Friday, November 2, 2012

American Airlines offering double elite/redeemable miles through end of year!!

American Airlines is at it again: fessing up to their mistakes and rewarding their customers for their loyalty.  Through December 31st, 2012, AA is offering double elite qualifying miles (EQMs) for all flyers and double redeemable miles (RDMs) for all elite status flyers.  Non-elite flyers also earn double RDMs for flights from November 16th through November 26th.
This is easily the most generous airline promotion of the year as travelers closing in on their next tier of elite status will be able to do it with a breeze.  Assuming you're starting with zero miles for the year, AA Gold elite status, which includes perks such as priority access, 25% bonus miles, and 2 free checked bags, can be attained with a single roundtrip flight from Chicago to Tokyo or 2 1/2 transcontinental flights.  Similarly, AA Platinum, which includes additional perks such as lounge access and double RDMs, can be attained with 2 flights to Tokyo or 5 transcontinental flights.  This is also a good way for you to stock up on RDMs as Executive Platinum and Platinum members will be earning an astounding 300% RDMs on all flights!

All previous flights qualify for this promo as long as you flew after November 1st.  Codeshare and partner flights are not eligible; only AA metal, which includes AA, American Eagle, and American Connection are eligible.  Registration is required at AA by using code AATHX.

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