Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free $25 American Express prepaid card w/$200 Amex prepaid card purchase

American Express is offering a free $25 prepaid card for those who purchase and load $200 onto an Amex prepaid card.  Amex prepaid cards are near synonymous to Amex credit cards in terms of usage and benefits, so you're basically getting $25 for free.  There is a limit of 3 prepaid card purchases per person, so if you buy three prepaid cards and load $200 onto each of them, you're looking at a free $75.  Deposits can be done via direct deposit, a bank account, or with cash, though the $200 must be loaded at the time of the prepaid card purchase in order for you to be eligible to receive the free $25 card.

Amex prepaid cards can be used anywhere Amex is accepted and carry no transaction fees, monthly fees, annual fees, customer service fees, expiration date, or overdraft fees.  No credit check is required and they even offer one free ATM monthly withdrawal from your prepaid card.  Best of all, prepaid cards carry Amex's signature purchase protection and roadside assistance at no additional charge.  And unlike gift cards, Amex prepaid cards carry complimentary protection against card theft and fraudulent charges, so you won't be liable for any unauthorized purchases and Amex will deposit the money back into your card.

Seeing how the card carries virtually zero fees and zero liability, Amex is basically giving you $25 for 5 minutes of your time.  Offer expires on August 31st.  What do you think?  How many prepaid cards are you going to get?

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